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The waft of croissants in the narrow alleys, the cobbled streets lined up with artists and the famous Moulin Rouge has always drawn me towards Montmartre. It is the most romantic neighbourhood of Paris. When Coralie and I were planning our trip to Paris, the thing that made us connect was our love for Montmartre. Due to the abundant boulangeries and our love for pastry, we decided to head there in the morning itself. They say you get freshly baked goods if you get there early. As much as the early treats were worth it, I do wish I had worn more comfortable shoes since it is rested on top of a hill.

After strolling through Place du Tertre and photographing our way to Sacre-Coeur Basilica, we went for the finest hot chocolate and almond croissant at Coquelicot, a small boulangerie-bistro in Montmartre.

There’s something about walking the streets of Montmartre. It is an awakening moment where you just reflect back on your life. Things come to life in the form of wall art, paintings, street signs and hidden messages depicting stranger’s lives.

It is the most charming neighbourhoods of Paris and I am in love. I wish I could stay till the night but I couldn’t. Strolling around with a glass of wine, dancing in bars…  I have heard it’s a symphony come to life.

So the next time you are in Paris, don’t forget to visit this beautiful neighbourhood.

Twisha Mohin



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